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Sayed Essam is a Product Designer/Consultant born and raised in Egypt.

At a very young age, he started to develop his love for research and designing, starting with Graphic Design then switching to UX Design so he can be the voice of the user and an influencer for what the user needs to show.

Through his UX journey, he worked as a Lead Designer at Pencil Designs and a Designer at SakneenCapiter, buseetdailymealzdopayArtivay, and Digital Cloud.

During his years of work Sayed delivered over 200 successful projects and helped in launching more than 30 Products/Websites in multiple fields, these projects including Supermama, Shezlong, Balsamee, Telemed, AlFouzan, FilKhedma, Jamjoom, KSA Ministry of Agriculture and AlMouwasat Hospital.


buseet - Designing the next transportation norm.

Project: buseet
Role: Art Direction, UX & UI Design
Year: 2019
More: Case Study (Soon)

At the beginning I started with doing Business Discovery with the business developers to know what they want to reach as a company, Then shifting to user interviews with a survey posted on the application and social media, that survey helped in collecting the quantitive information: demographics and such . After that came an ideation session followed by a strategy that solved all of the problems mentioned by the users and the most important part was to shorten the paragraphs written in the app, along with the Fogg Behavior Model. Coming after that was the concept of the application. Finally came the User Testing and The UI design system.


dailymealz - Healthy lunch at your doorstep everyday.

Project: dailymealz
Role: Art Direction, UX & UI Design
Year: 2019
More: Case Study (Soon)

The project goal was to completely revamp the UX, UI and the overall brand look and feel across the mobile and web app. I introduced a new easier experience that allows the user to quickly view the plans and choose the meals they desire based on nutrition facts. Also, cut the checkout process to include preview and the ability to change the meals while in the checkout. One of the key factors for the experience was to focus on the meals itself and let the user be in control of the subscription.


SAMF - Interactive gaming-inspired web experience.

Project: SAMF
Role: Art Direction & UX Design
Year: 2019
More: View Project

I thought of doing something that attracts the Saudi’s to dive into the website without getting bored, so I started searching in the interests of the racers and what they like to do. Simply it was summed up in video games and pictures/blogging of cars. I came up with the idea of morphing the website to be a gaming experience added to sound effects and visually appealing pictures that moves along with the scrolling.


KSA Ministry of Agriculture - Your not so-boring governmental website.

Project: Ministry of Agriculture
Role: Art Direction & UI Design
Year: 2019
More: View Project

We were asked to redesign the ministry of agriculture website and our goal was to build a consisted experience, that guarantees to cover different and valuable aspects like the services directory and enhance government effectiveness through digitalizing all the governmental services to ease the ability of accomplish public sector services or utilizing any related services. We followed UK Standards for governmental sectors Service. It was a nice experience in designing a governmental website, check the project to know more about the process and what we acheived.

PROJECT 05/05 - Enough taking meeting minutes yourself.

Role: Art Direction, UX & UI
Year: 2017 is a full meeting management system. The whole idea of Adam is making a platform that works with your collaboration, CRM, project management, video conferencing, file sharing, and scheduling apps. Starting with “meetings reinvented” then introducing the platform, following with available options and ideas like voice recording, sharing important Projects, setting up quick meetings and more. Instead of designing a multi-pages website, I decided to do only one landing page containing a storyboard that includes all the needed details about the meeting. The landing page was curated for professional managers, CEOs and team members to remind them of upcoming meetings and their latest updates on the team action items.

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